Prevent and Stop Mold Growth

How to Prevent and Stop Mold Growth in Commercial or Residential property! Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Everyone knows that moisture control is the most important part of the business plan because it directly translates into the bottom line of the business plan. Clean and fresh air is more important for employees as if the employees suffer from a lack of clean, fresh air and a healthy environment if the environment is clean and fresh, they will be able to perform at their peak and enjoy a better quality of life. So, when you do not handle water damage or other moisture control issues, these issues can develop in the form of mold, fungus, mildew, and other spores, that will pollute your indoor working spaces and you will have to face major headaches, both physically and financially.

Usually, business owners do a lot for their business, but what is more important giving your employees a safe, clean, and fresh working environment. You can call the mold remediation and removal team to fix this issue in Fort Lauderdale FL.

Here are some of the ways that can be followed to reduce mold growth in your commercial property. When you incorporate these steps into your regular maintenance and mold inspection routine, it can be worth the small investment of your time and most importantly time.

Maintain a normal level of temperature and humidity

Normally the temperature should be below 75 degrees and humidity should be below 60 percent. While it is not possible to maintain this level in every room and working environment of the company. You can add dehumidifiers or small air conditioning units to the spaces of your home and commercial building that are extra moist and hot. This will help in reducing mold growth and you can save money for the long run as you won’t have to go for mold remediation, mold testing, and repairs.

Clean your building regularly

It is important to clean, sweep, mop and wipe down the surfaces of your building on a daily basis as it will go a long way to prevent the growth of mold. Make sure to put the effort into detailed cleaning on a weekly basis such as pulling everything out from the break room fridge once a week or twice a month for a quick sweep. You can do the same with every room because it is the proactive, basic maintenance for cleanliness and healthiness of the environment for your staff and it will help the mold detection team to find out and prevent mold issues if there are any.

Clean ventilation and exhaust systems

When you do not clean and maintain your ductwork and HVAC systems on a regular basis, it can be heaven for moldy particles to grow. Make sure to change your filters on a regular basis and clean your exhaust fans and all ventilation systems in order to prevent mold. You can also call a mold specialist to clean the mold from your ventilation.

Repair leaks and clean up spills quickly

Teach your employees about the importance of informing any leaks, so that it can be repaired immediately and also teach them to thoroughly mopping, sanitizing, and drying all spills. And if the spills or leaks happen on the rugs and carpets of your office, then it requires additional care to be taken to dry the spot immediately as it can be the reason to develop mold. You can call a commercial or home mold inspector to repair your carpets and rugs from the mold.

Make sure all items are dried in the storage room

It is obvious, as if you put the wet items into your storage room, it can easily develop mold. So you need to make sure your teams are not cutting corners to save their time when they are putting the items in the storage room. It is important to dry out all the items especially into long-term storage.

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